Sailing Lunara

Sailing the Med

Three millenials, a cat & a 33ft sailboat from 1986 in the Mediterranean Sea - sometimes sailing solo, sometimes together. Let's create unforgettable moments!

The crew.

From dreaming about crossing the Atlantic someday to the idea of 'Let's build a sailboat' to finally making having a boat a reality – we're now proud owners of a 33ft sailboat from 1986.

Across the sea.

After several months of overhaul in dry dock and in a harbour on the Atlantic coast of Andalusia, the time had finally come in July: we set sail. From the orca hotspot and the Strait of Gibraltar, we headed for the Mediterranean along the Spanish coast to the Balearic Islands, via Italy to Greece.

Our home.

In September 2022, we set foot on our sailboat for the first time. Surrounded by chaos, countless tasks, numerous quick fixes but incredible potential – just the way we love it. Since then, our journey's been defined by hard refit work, dedication and endless love.