Our home.

In September 2022, we set foot on our Beneteau Oceanis 350 for the first time. Surrounded by chaos, countless tasks, numerous quick fixes but an incredible potential – just the way we love it. Shortly after submitting our offer in early October, we got the commitment.

How fast can you become boat owners? Yes.

Since then, our journey's been defined by hard work, dedication, and endless affection as we navigate life as boat owners. Much has happened in this time, pouring in a tremendous amount of effort, determination and love. Is it a lot? Absolutely. Is it all worth it? Without a doubt!


Did you know that the Benetau Oceanis 350 was the first model of the Oceanis range? Our ship was designed by Philippe Briand in the 80s and built in 1986.

Weighing in at around 7 tons, our floating home is no light caliber. Although the first fiberglass boats were produced as early as the 1950s, this type was still rather a novelty at the time our ship was produced. Production was based on the premise of "better too much than too little". With twice the mass of fiberglass than is used in shipbuilding today, indestructible heavyweights were created. These boats defy everything and are made for all seas.


10,10m Length. 3,43m Beam. 1,7m Draft. About 7 tons weight.

Monohull, Fin Keel, Spade Rudder.

Why "Lunara"?

Lunara has many meanings. Our boat name is composed of two letters each of our three names: Lukas, Jana and Raphael. Lunara is also connected with the goddess of the moon Luna and the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra. Closely connected with the earth and the sea, it also means for us the closeness to day and to night. A special feeling.