Who are we?

We are Lukas, Jana and Raphael. For short: Lunara.


Lukas loves to savour the culinary highlights of other countries and cultures. The former company boss really enjoys the decelerating life at sea with a cat. The developer is also our trusted hobby boat electrician.


Like her brother Raphael, Jana loves all outdoor activities: Whether in the mountains or by the sea, the more variety the better. The cat mom loves travelling and discovering new places. The project manager also takes care of content creation and is responsible for most engine tasks


When Raphael is not sailing, he enjoys the Austrian nature, whether it is mountaineering, climbing, motorcycling or hiking, mainly in the mountains. He has also passed on some of these hobbies to his sister Jana. The technology fan finds artificial intelligence and virtual reality particularly exciting. As a media artist, he not only has great creative input, but is our number 1 for engine problems, urgent quick fixes and technical solutions.


Baghira, also known as Captain B, is responsible for the watches on board, because she always inspects everything very carefully. She loves starring at the sea and finds waves particularly exciting. When we're sailing, she always prefers to be outside with us. She loves being cuddled and can't get enough of it.

Where It All Started?