Almerimar > Calpe

Just the two of us.

Shortly after Raphi left the boat, a new adventure began for us: from now on, it's just the two of us, along with our cats, on board.


July 19th - 20th 23: Almerimar > Cartagena

After the farewell, we left the marina in Almerimar around eleven in the morning, despite some engine starting difficulties. After about three hours of sailing, we were finally able to shut down the engine and continued along the Spanish Mediterranean coast under sail. Since we both felt comfortable, and the conditions were good, we decided to sail through the night and only dock the next day.

Our first night sail as a duo went wonderfully and we sailed through the night under full sails. The wind died down around 6 o'clock in the morning, just before dawn, so we motored for about three hours. We decided to make a stop in Cartagena and enjoyed some more sailing before reaching our destination. Shortly before entering the harbor, we had to register with the port office via VHF and wait for clearance to enter. We finally reached the marina of Cartagena after 112.1 NM. 



July 21st - 22nd: Cartagena > Calpe

Once again, the engine caused us some trouble which is why we waited the whole day for a mechanic to arrive. Fortunately, despite engine problems and full-time jobs, we managed to explore some parts of the city, which absolutely enchanted us. Cartagena, we'll be back.

The decision to continue sailing on this day was relatively spontaneous. After having a mechanic on board in the afternoon and with the weather forecast for the next few days looking unfavorable, we cast off our lines late in the afternoon, embarking on the final leg along the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The night sail was relatively uneventful. Unfortunately, we were only able to sail about half of it, but we were determined to make progress and soon leave the mainland behind.

In the morning, we experienced rain for the first time in ages. Where did that come from? There were hardly any clouds in the sky. We planned to dock at one of the following marinas: Calpe, Moraira, Javea, or Denia. Why? These places provide the perfect starting point for the crossing to Mallorca. Along the way, many memories came back, as we had sailed this route last year as well. Due to the high season, we only secured a berth in the southernmost town, Calpe. Was it a coincidence? It was in Calpe last year that our boat was taken out of the water after an engine failure and various problems with the new engine and rudder, before being transported by truck to Southern Andalusia. So, shortly before 6 pm, we once again docked in Calpe and enjoyed the final hours on the Spanish mainland before heading to Ibiza the next day.