Mallorca > Menorca

Sailing to the small sister of Mallorca with our friend.

After two weeks, it was finally time to say goodbye to Mallorca - we stayed much longer than originally planned. Despite, or perhaps because of, the collision with the catamaran and the mechanic on board, we decided it was time to set sail for Menorca.


August 8th - 9th: Mallorca > Menorca

At 6.15 pm we finally raised the anchor - we did this by hand as usual, as our electrical windlass was still broken. Five minutes later we were able to switch off the engine and sail off into the sunset together - a marvellously beautiful sight.

The larger the crew, the more enjoyable the night shift. While the last night sails were done with just the two of us, for the journey to Menorca, we were now three. This allowed us to take 3-hour shifts: Person A at the helm, Person B sleeping outside, and Person C sleeping inside. This way, everyone could get enough rest and having someone outside in case of need felt reassuring. The journey was smooth and we all enjoyed the night at sea.


We arrived in Menorca while it was still dark and sailed to the southern part of the island. After sunrise, we continued our journey to an anchorage in Mahón. There, after covering a distance of 70.4 NM, we met our friends from Sailing Pumba again. Spontaneously, both boats secured a spot in the marina for the same day - we all had the same goal: refueling before the next crossing.

Shortly after leaving the anchorage and before heading into the channel to Mahón, our engine started beeping again - an emergency light & sound that couldn't be ignored. Sails out, engine off and back in the opposite direction to the open sea. We spent two hours trying to fix the problem. Despite the telephone support from various mechanics, we were unsuccessful. Ultimately, we decided to sail under the wind only towards the marina - of course, ours was the very last...


Our plan was to stay one night in Menorca and then head to Sardinia the next day. Well, in the end, we were in Mahón for 1.5 weeks as we waited for both the spare part and the mechanic - an expensive fun (again).


The island itself is an absolute dream. The bus network is well-developed and takes people across the island to its most beautiful beaches. However, the capital itself impressed us the most - once again, a city where we could seriously imagine living.