Roccella Ionica – Kefalonia

Goodbye Italy – Γεια σου Ελληνικά

After a short visit of less than two weeks in Italy, it was already time to say goodbye to Italy to reach our final country for this year. We departed from Marina delle Grazie in Roccella Ionica at noon on September 1st.


September 1st - 3rd: Roccella Ionica – Kefalonia

In the afternoon, there was a constant change between sailing, motor sailing, and using the engine. It wasn't until after midnight that we had consistent wind to sail continuously. Unfortunately, the autopilot broke down in the early morning, but Lukas was able to repair it luckily when it became light by tightening the belt. With reefed sails, we started the second day of sailing, during which we could sail consistently at around 5 knots.


During the second night, the autopilot broke down again during the second shift. This time, a repair was not possible, so we had to steer manually.


After a very long night of manual steering, we were delighted when we could finally see land in the morning. Another new country sailed to – how awesome is that?!


At half past twelve noon on September 3rd, after 211.5NM, we dropped anchor in Argostolí – the bay where we spent a week due to the storm called Daniel. In the bay, there are various anchoring options. At the town quay, in an abandoned marina, or in various anchorages. We decided to anchor directly between the town quay and the abandoned marina.


Upon arrival, we first finalized the official entry at the port office. We completed the official entry in person, and we had already paid the eTEPAI online and had to present the proof in person as well.


The days following were unfortunately not very exciting due to the storm. We did not leave the boat, and unfortunately, the weather also affected me, causing me to catch a cold right away. This was not how I imagined our arrival in Greece.