Trizonia – Korinth

Slowly sailing to the Corinth Canal

After recovering for two nights from the worst horror sail ever on the only island in the Gulf of Corinth, we decided to take it easy and sail shorter passages.


September 12th, 2023: Trizonia > Ormos Andreas

We set sail again in the afternoon heading East to the Canal of Corinth. After about 27NM, we docked in rmos Andreas, a bay on the north side of the Gulf of Corinth. The bay was empty and absolutely calm. We really enjoyed spending the night there and watching the clear sky as well as the stars in the dark.


September 13th, 2023: Ormos Andreas > Kiatou > Corinth

Combining work and sailing life is not always easy. To keep moving forward despite a workday, we set sail again in the dark to arrive before work begins. After a journey of about 19NM, we docked in the city harbor of Kiatou. After a successful workday, we continued eastward for two hours in the afternoon. This night we spent in Corinth – a city from which we had expected a little more